Wednesday, June 29, 2022


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    Our pet friends

    Luciano e Loredana really love animals, dogs in particular; for this reason  Cà Ciano accept small-medium size pets.

    Their faithful companion is Tex (because of Luciano’s passion for Tex Willer) whom, more often than not, does a good host to guests, maybe even better than the owners themselves.

    Tex will hit you for his extraordinary affection; pampering insatiable , playful as no one else , often try to initiate a talk with guests. Unfortunately we have not yet managed to translate well and learn his language made of  “Wof”, “Ghrr ghrr”  and other strange different sounds. Wether he become invasive the problem can be solved with a good dose of pampering.

    His best friend is Tequila, puppy (but not too much) of Shi-Tszu. Tequila is a little more sophisticated, less “rustic”, but their common desire to cuddle and play could get you exhausted.

    Tex and Tequila are hospitable to all the friends who are dogs and come to find’em. They enjoy and let the children touch (especially little children). Even the most skeptical and afraid of dogs parents have changed opinion giving the best confidence.

    Tex and Tequila have never attacked and / or bite anyone, so feel free to bring  your small pets with you.