Tuesday, October 4, 2022


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  • Bifamiliare a Mirano

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    By the name is readily apparent that its creator is LUCIANO, singular thiny bearded man with the extraordinary hospitality, whom, after having toured Italy for work, has decided to offer to today businessmen  what he himself has always looked for: a welcoming, family and quiet place, where you can find energies consumed during an intense day of work, meetings, decisions and frenetic rhythms.

    Behind this man there’s a great woman, Loredana.

    You do not see her, rarely hear, however, without her this little cottage in the forest is only a dream in a book of fairy tales, not a reality full of tender and warm details those make it unique and unrepeatable this place of magic.

    Their hospitality and their simplicity will make you rediscover values now lost and incompatible with the business-era of today, but once rediscovered will help you to reflect and to begin the day with different spirit.